[OSM-talk] betatesting updated Osm at Home client with Osmarender4 and Beziercurve hinting.

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Fri Mar 2 10:53:44 GMT 2007

>> Is there something I can do until the automating part is finished?
> Currently, city names and node numbers are taken from:
> http://www.zimmerheimer.de/osm/name.txt
> Once that page gets updated, the almien page can import them using:
> http://almien.co.uk/OSM/Places/import_cities.php
> Are there any more up-to-date city lists I should look at?  (assuming I
> don't want to spend 12 hours downloading planet.osm each week)

I set up a script to extract places from the weekly planet dump. The dump
is at:


I followed the syntax of the file at zimmerheimer.de, the file itself is
UTF8. This week, the places are just from turkey, but from next week on,
I'll run my extractor script on the full planet.osm.


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