[OSM-talk] Osm at Home client update

J.D. Schmidt jdsmobile at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 22:20:23 GMT 2007

Jochen Topf skrev:
> On Fri, Mar 02, 2007 at 03:27:03PM +0100, J.D. Schmidt wrote:
>> With the help of Barry Crabtree the bugs involving attempted beziercurve 
>> hinting of zero length segments has been squashed.
>> New Osm at Home client uploaded to SVN.
>> Wiki page for Osm at Home updated with installation instructions.
>> Changelog for the osm at Home client :
>> Updated to use osmarender4
>> changed download of osmarender + stylesheets to point at SVN
>> changed downloadrate of osmarender+stylesheet so it happens at the start 
>> of a run, not for each data download.
>> implemented beziercurve hinting by calling dotbaz's lines2curves.pl script.
>> implemented sanitycheck in case beziercurve hinting fails, and fallback 
>> to non-beziercurve rendering in that case.
>> OSM at Home renderers should upgrade immediately.
>> Future plans :
>> Tweak stylesheet during this weekend.
>> implement beziercurvehinting for Tiles at Home client as well this weekend.
> While I agree that we want bezier curves, I don't like the approach with
> using the lines2curves.pl post processing. This makes the whole thing very
> fragile. Every change in Osmarender to any path code can possibly break
> lines2curces.pl. Makes maintainance very hard. And the path code *will*
> change, because there are many problems with it.
> There has to be a better way of doing this! We had begun to talk about
> pre-processing the OSM file before calling Osmarender and that looked
> like a possible solution. Why has this way of doing things been rushed
> into production now?
> Jochen

Because it works. And having something that works now with the current
setup, is better than having to wait on a future setup that might
implement it.

I see no problem in it, since it works with the current osmarender
checked into the osmathome directory.

J.D. "Dutch" Schmidt

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