[OSM-talk] Tagging urban streets

Robert Hart Robert.Hart at BuroHappold.com
Mon Mar 5 13:56:36 GMT 2007

> Ok, we are getting to the point. Among the 3 above (primary,
> unclassified), which one should I choose for **streets**, not *roads*?
Am > I confusing the terms? Sorry if I misunderstund these two terms,
I'm not 
> native english. What I mean for street is something [1], compared to a

> road [2]. Streets are not classified by any highway authority, as far
as I > know. 

As with most English words, usage is pretty broad, and both terms could
probably be applied to the majority of streets/roads.

To me though, a "street" implies a linear entity with buildings arranged
along it, normally houses, and normally on both sides.

A "road" implies a linear entity that vehicles can pass along, normally
including cars.

As far as OSM tagging is concerned the only difference is that
highway=unclassified tends to become highway=residential for
unclassified "streets". This distinction is slightly contentious, and
there are some that would prefer the properties/classification of a road
to be tagged independently of its usage.


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