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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Mon Mar 5 18:28:31 GMT 2007

Jonas Svensson wote:
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>On 4 Mar 2007 at 11:26, Andy Robinson wrote:
>> Good to see you are working on obvious spelling errors.
>> Note though that on the basis there is no such thing as an incorrectly
>> element then it may be a little tricky to know what a key should be. I
>> that it says "replace" on the wiki, I think it should be that a new key
>> added rather than replaced, the apparently wrong key should not be
>> as you have no possibility of verifying if anyone is using it in that
>> Adding a new key allows the renderers to show stuff properly while
>> respecting that someone may be using keys for a custom purpose.
>> Cheers
>> Andy
>My intention is only to correct spelling errors and correct keys
>that has been obsoleted by community decision. Or to help when
>someone has accidentially used a key of his own and then found out
>that (s)he should have used another. That is why I ask for help
>with the list of words. For example: should "emergency" be changed
>to "emergency_ward" or should "highwaytype" be changed to
>"highway"? Maybe both are correct and should be left as is.

I think the best policy is that if there is any doubt or ambiguity then the
original tag ought to be left and simply add a new one alongside.



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