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On 3/6/07, Mike Collinson <mike at ayeltd.biz> wrote:
> At 08:57 PM 5/03/2007, Simon Hewison wrote:
> >Having a different designation within towns than outside is a concept
> alien
> >to the United Kingdom, but is clearly an issue within Paris, and in
> Spain.
> The UK is the exception rather than the rule in carefully classifying each
> road/street, having the classification match closely actual usage (more
> important in my view when making a map!) and having systematic signage.
> To answer the original question, here is the general rationale and schema
> I came up.  I suggest that it is a guideline for most countries without
> strict/useful administrative classification, but that individual country
> contributors should reach a consensus on local customization and then put
> that on the OSM country Wiki page.
> Rationale:  Think of the person looking at the map in an unfamiliar
> city.  To get to a destination without knowing road conditions, they will
> want to take a "primary" road to get to the destination area, a "secondary"
> road to get across that area and then switch to unclassified roads to get to
> the actual building.  Map accordingly.
> Urban road/street mapping Schema:
> trunk - reserve for very big arterial ways for getting in and out of the
> city.
> primary - lots of traffic outside rush hour.  Used for getting from one
> area of a city to another. Usually more traffic lights, turning traffic etc
> than a trunk road.
> secondary - Used for getting to parts of a suburb.  If in a smaller town
> rather than a city, then suburb=town.
> residential - local street with residences or used just for access to
> residences.
> service - private roads used by the public in supermarkets, car parks,
> universities, hospitals, sports complexes etc.
> unclassified - everything else!

Yes, something like this was what I was looking for. As it is clear that no
standard is defined for this situation, I think I'll use your proposal. It's
not mathematically defined, but it makes clear what can be trunk and

Thanks all for your comments!.

Thus the "Champs Elysèe"  should probably be tagged "primary".
> Mike
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