[OSM-talk] Playing with Potlatch

Richard Fairhurst richard at systemeD.net
Thu Mar 8 11:57:56 GMT 2007

Hi all,

(deep breath)

I'm pleased to unveil a test version of Potlatch, the Flash editor,  
that you can play with.

It's only hooked up to a test database, not the main database, so any  
changes you make won't be reflected in OSM itself. The test db  
contains UK data from last November (with thanks to Nick W); no  
rest-of-the-world, no GPS traces.

You can access it at

and you can find out more about Potlatch at
including a 'Getting Started' page, and somewhere to report bugs. :)

Only the editing window is present, so you'll have to imagine all the  
login/tab stuff around it. I have, however, put a not-quite-accurate,  
quick-and-dirty "go to a specified lat/long" form at the bottom.

Although it won't write to the OSM db, you might want to use it to  
trace lines from the Yahoo imagery. If so, as a temporary workaround,  
here's what you can do:

1. Trace your way
2. Make sure it's written to the server (i.e. click outside to deselect)
3. Click on it again and note the way id
4. Punch this into the 'Extract way' form and click the button
5. Save the resulting CSV file and load it into JOSM
6. Continue editing!

Please, do find bugs and examples of atrocious UI design (I'm sure  
there are zillions), and add them to the wiki page. There's lots of  
stuff planned for future versions but I'm always happy to hear what  
people's top priorities might be.


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