[OSM-talk] Playing with Potlatch

Florian Loitsch openstreetmap at florian.loitsch.com
Thu Mar 8 13:19:12 GMT 2007

really really nice. I'll definitely try to install it locally until it's 
available on the osm-site.
only thing I noticed: under konqueror: I can't insert a new point with 
shift-insert, but I can start new ways with it. KDE intercepts F1 (and maybe 
F2) -> can't turn of yahoo imagery.
And to erase a node one has to use Backspace and not delete (at least under 
- is there a way to change the size of the shown ways? In my area (43.5751 
6.9908) the imagery is much better, and I can zoom in a little bit more. But 
the lines are bigger too, which makes editing harder.
- is it possible to change the size of the applet?
- as far as I have understood potlatch only creates ways. Can I still 
interface with already existing segments? In other words: I have created many 
segments, but haven't yet converted them to ways. Cat potlatch see these 
- is it possible to turn off the "greying" of the sat-image? (at least 

great app.
// florian

On Thursday 08 March 2007 12:57:56 Richard Fairhurst wrote:
> Hi all,
> (deep breath)
> I'm pleased to unveil a test version of Potlatch, the Flash editor,
> that you can play with.
> It's only hooked up to a test database, not the main database, so any
> changes you make won't be reflected in OSM itself. The test db
> contains UK data from last November (with thanks to Nick W); no
> rest-of-the-world, no GPS traces.
> You can access it at
> http://richard.dev.openstreetmap.org/potlatch/
> and you can find out more about Potlatch at
> http://wiki.openstreetmap.org/index.php/Potlatch
> including a 'Getting Started' page, and somewhere to report bugs. :)
> Only the editing window is present, so you'll have to imagine all the
> login/tab stuff around it. I have, however, put a not-quite-accurate,
> quick-and-dirty "go to a specified lat/long" form at the bottom.
> Although it won't write to the OSM db, you might want to use it to
> trace lines from the Yahoo imagery. If so, as a temporary workaround,
> here's what you can do:
> 1. Trace your way
> 2. Make sure it's written to the server (i.e. click outside to deselect)
> 3. Click on it again and note the way id
> 4. Punch this into the 'Extract way' form and click the button
> 5. Save the resulting CSV file and load it into JOSM
> 6. Continue editing!
> Please, do find bugs and examples of atrocious UI design (I'm sure
> there are zillions), and add them to the wiki page. There's lots of
> stuff planned for future versions but I'm always happy to hear what
> people's top priorities might be.
> cheers
> Richard
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