[OSM-talk] Planet Dump

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Fri Mar 9 11:57:26 GMT 2007


    of course I'd also like a "planet diff" (on an hourly basis if  
possible ;-).

But as for the MySQL dump, why doesn't one of the people having the  
data in MySQL just provide one? It is not something that we need from  
mission control, is it?

Someone send me "create table" statements for the format they'd like  
the data in and I'll make a dump if none of the existing MySQL users  
can provide one.

(As for creating localized planet.osm subsets, I've been doing that  
for Germany for a while now. There is a script in SVN/utils/ 
planet.osm/perl or so which extracts anything within Germany's border  
polygon, and also contains information on where the polygon was  
downloaded from in case you want to download another border. If you  
don't want a polygon and a bounding box is sufficient, there's  
another script in there which takes bounding box co-ordinates on the  
command line and extracts something from a planet file. In my  
experience, if you have one GB of RAM and know your Perl, you can for  
many purposes work directly on the planet file, and much faster than  
stuffing everything into a database first. The Germany extract takes  
about half an hour with the current planet file.)


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