[OSM-talk] osm2pgsql enhancements

Lester Caine lester at lsces.co.uk
Sun Mar 25 07:50:18 BST 2007

Jon Burgess wrote:

>>> planet_osm_roads 88531
>>> What is actually the classification of the 'roads' ? Apparently this
>>> is
>>> not just a subset of the 'line' table that contains just driveable
>>> roads - instead the 'roads' table contains even "footway" and
>>> "Ostkustbanan" as highway type ....

>  gis=> select highway,railway from planet_osm_roads where highway='footway';
>  highway |  railway
> ---------+------------
>  footway | dismantled
>  footway | abandoned
>  footway | dismantled
>  footway | abandoned
>  footway | abandoned
> (5 rows)

Of cause this may actually be correct and just needs tidying up. One of the 
dismantled railway lines near me is currently used by ramblers and horses and 
I know of a couple of others that are used as access roads. Ignoring the 
historic context may be appropriate - until the track gets relaid as is 
happening on the section North of Toddington so that the Gloucestershire 
Warwickshire Railway preserved line can be reconnected with Stratford. The 
section of track as far as Broadway will cease to be a footpath in the next 
phase. There was some surprise locally when the Broadway Bypass had to be 
built with a railway bridge capable of handling electrification had to be 
built, when the original plan had no bridge at all. While the railway is not 
likely to install overhead cables, the protection to these routes does mean 
that they way well be reopened at some point in the future :)

The simple answer to railway line classification can be checked since while it 
still holds a status that would allow it to be reinstated it should be 
identified as such, but those sections that ARE now roads and footpaths and 
for which the rights to railway status have been dropped, the road designation 
is correct. It is just the historic context that it would be nice to maintain?

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