[OSM-talk] Newbie help

Francis Augusto Medeiros francis at mgate.com.br
Sat Mar 10 13:53:08 GMT 2007


As i said previously, I got the complete map of my city in mapinfo  
format, which Nick kindly converted for me to OSM format.

I discovered that the map had a different datum then my gpx logs (it  
didn't use the WGS84), so I managed to convert the gpx generated by  
JOST into WGS84. Now I would like to create an OSM from these correct  
GPX tracks.

I do have some questions, having tried to use Josm:

1 - How can I change the direction of a segment?

2 - How can I move the map on the mac? (yeah, stupid question, but I  
tried a lot and only zooming worked - and no, i don't have a two  
button mouse)

3 - Is there a way to use the osmarender plugin on the Mac? I tried  
without success, it tells me to make Firefox executable, which beats  
me, as it is already executable, right? :)

4 - Should I stick to UK conventions? I mean, the styles already  
understand it so it can be easily rendered, so if I create different  
tags in Portuguese it will make it kinda hard when someone else wants  
to render using a default osmarender, right?

Well, I have more questions, but I will keep it simple today! :)



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