[OSM-talk] Iceland on OSM

Raphaël Jacquot sxpert at sxpert.org
Tue Mar 13 06:34:33 GMT 2007

Þórir Már Jónsson wrote:
> Hi.  My name is Thorir Jonsson, and this would be my first post to this mailing list :)
> I discovered the OSM project a few weeks ago, and after reading trough the wiki and test running JOSM for a while, I soon felt confident enough to start some mapping.  I started by mapping the town I live in (Seltjarnarnes, a suburb of the capital, Reykjavík), and completed that work (and a little more) over the past weekend.
> A screenshot of Seltjarnarnes in JOSM can be seen here: http://vetur.net/myndir/JOSM_screenshot2.png
> Or if you prefer, you can download the area yourself using the coordinates found in this screenshot:
> http://vetur.net/myndir/JOSM_screenshot1.png
> The reason I'm writing this is twofold.  
> First, I am unable to view any of my work on the map.  The data is there (as you can see for yourself), but for some reason it doesn't show up on the map.  And yes I've already followed the instructions in the FAQ, requesting ASAP rendering of the area ;)
> Second, the area I'm editing in JOSM looks distorted, as if I'm viewing it from an angle.  I'm guessing this is correct behaviour, and is a consequence of editing at such a northerly latitude.  It is still annoying as all turns and angles look wrong when editing, and in some locations, it can be confusing.  Is there any way for me to change this so that JOSM shows the data from directly above?
> Best regards,
> TJ

it's there :


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