[OSM-talk] osm at home, city browser

Hakan Tandogan hakan at gurkensalat.com
Tue Mar 13 10:11:45 GMT 2007

> Preview of a replacement for the osm at home project:
> http://almien.co.uk/City/
> That downloads maps from the tiles server and doesn't require any
> distributed rendering - use your computers to run tiles at home instead!

Nice, especially the tag cloud part ;-)

Do you still need an external list of places? If so, how can I trigger the
reload (since the old URL is in the almien.co.uk/OSM/ URI space)?

> No word from the webhosts [xilo.net] as to when the old osm at home page will
> be back - they're not responding to emails, nor to trouble-tickets on their
> support page. That affects all pages on the almien.co.uk/OSM/ directory
> (the tag queries, the waypoint upload, the postcode upload, the atlas,

Nice web hoster :-(

What I miss most is the coordinate calculator. Any chance you could
install a temporary one (or send me the sources so I can use it on my
local web server?)


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