[OSM-talk] osm at home, city browser

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Mon Mar 12 23:56:01 GMT 2007


 > Preview of a replacement for the osm at home project:
 > http://almien.co.uk/City/

I've been trying to find out why "Bitte Segmente erst zu Wegen 
zusammenfassen" (a debug message that someone seems to have put in, 
meaning "please combine segments into ways first") is listed under 
"cities", and "Karlsruhe" under "villages" when it should be under 

I grepped through the current planet file and found nothing; net 
"Karlsruhe" node is tagged "city", and the "Bitte..." text is not in there.

Where does the list come from? If it's an older snapshot of the planet 
file, will it be re-generated automatically, or can I help by extracting 
data in some way?


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