[OSM-talk] Frustration of an experienced mapper

Christoph Eckert ce at christeck.de
Wed Mar 14 20:56:01 GMT 2007

Hi Dan,

thanks for sharing your thoughts:

> i don't think there's anything particularly wrong with what you're
> suggesting, but the added complexity to the data model and knock-on
> effects, both development-wise and computation-wise of that could be
> larger than at first glance - for example: * working out the
> bounding-box / intersections of a linear segment vs. a Bezier curve *
> what happens when intersection nodes added to curve
>  * requirement of all clients/renderers to implement new data model
>  * length-of-segment calculations

very valid points. Seems I have still to learn a lot :) .

> > Sigh. In my next life I want to become a Java hacker and to develop
> > a cool easy to use polyline tool for JOSM ;-) .
> be careful what you wish for!

Why should I consider the consequences of my wishes before they 
happened ;-) ?

Have fun,


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