[OSM-talk] Frustration of an experienced mapper

Dan Moore writetodan at yahoo.com
Wed Mar 14 13:28:36 GMT 2007

hi Christoph,

i don't think there's anything particularly wrong with what you're suggesting, but the added complexity to the data model and knock-on effects, both development-wise and computation-wise of that could be larger than at first glance - for example:
 * working out the bounding-box / intersections of a linear segment vs. a Bezier curve
 * what happens when intersection nodes added to curve
 * requirement of all clients/renderers to implement new data model
 * length-of-segment calculations

> Sigh. In my next life I want to become a Java hacker and to develop a 
> cool easy to use polyline tool for JOSM ;-) .

be careful what you wish for!
cheers, dan.

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Hi Martijn,

> Sure, being able to make lines and curves directly would be cool, but
> if you don't mind I really don't feel like making nice curves out of
> all my ways. I'd rather just have the renderer make then all smooth
> for me.

I feel the same for existing ways. I'd not change mine as well. But if 
there was a cool tool I'd use it for new ones.

> To make nice smooth roads by hand would necessetate add lots of
> control points to the DB.

I doubt that. What I'm wond'ring is if the data model one day will 
include poylines. An arc consists of three points only, start, end and 
center. How many nodes do we need currently to get a smooth display in 
the editor? Much more, I guess.

> Doing it in the renderer makes it 
> automatic. I just wanted to be able to flag roads as needing it
> yes/no to override the automatic system (in case you really do want
> hard edges on your almost-straight roads).

Sigh. In my next life I want to become a Java hacker and to develop a 
cool easy to use polyline tool for JOSM ;-) .


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