[OSM-talk] introduction and a question

Sander Hoentjen sander at hoentjen.eu
Mon Mar 19 13:50:22 GMT 2007

Hi all,

(skip first paragraph if you don't care about who I am, which you
probably don't)

I am new to OSM, so please forgive me if I will ask stupid stuff.
I am Sander, I live in Hengelo in the Netherlands. As far as OSM goes
this does not exist yet and I would like to change that. I have a HTC
TyTN that will bring me anywhere I want i.c.w. TomTom and a Keomo BT GPS
receiver. I am however a big Free Software (as in speech) fan (I am an
aMSN developer and Fedora maintainer), so eventually i would like to run
linux on my Tytn.

As I said I would like to put Hengelo on the map, so I looked at the
wiki. As software to use outdoor-gps looks promising, but I read about
the altitude problem. So my question is: Can i still use this, and if
yes do i need to modify anything, and if no which software do you


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