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>>> Has anyone been tagging MBR (mountain biking) trails? I've spent the
>>> last two weekends riding around, and I'm open to suggestions as for
>>> tagging. I'm referring to trails that are built specifically for
>>> mountain bikes and with no other purpose, generally narrow, rocky,
>>> and
>>> suicidal if you were walking the other way!
>> My suggestion would be to use the <route> tag for MBR trails rather
>> than to
>> define them as ways in their own right. That way any particular
>> trail can
>> cover the tagged public highways and byways as well as those
>> sections that
>> have developed just for bike usage. Some something like route=MBR.
>> You might
>> also think of a set of MBR: namespace tags to provide information
>> on each
>> trail. Where a section is solely used for the bike then that should be
>> tagged as highway=cycleway with the additional MBR information.
>ObThis: one of the things I do for my sins is run http://
>singletrackworld.com/ which - if stats are to be believed - is the
>busiest mountain biking site in Europe. We get around 3,000,000 hits
>a day.
>I've been wondering for a while if there's a story I could run
>encouraging mountain bikers to get out and survey some trails.
>Assuming this is a good idea and bearing in mind that many of the
>visitors to the site are non-technical is there a good starting point
>I could point them to?

Best suggestion I can make is to set up an OSM wiki page with suitable hooks
and then lead your followers to it. Organising an MBR mapping party would be
a cool idea too. Dole out a few Navi's and plenty of rubber bands and send
them out to do battle on different routes.

The one problem with a lot of MBR trails though is that you are moving fast
under tree cover. Not the best arrangement for GPS reception.



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