[OSM-talk] Maximum segment length?

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Tue Mar 20 04:00:28 GMT 2007

At 10:59 AM 20/03/2007, Scott Walde wrote:
>I've noticed a strange rendering issue with the highway I took (and 
>mapped) on a recent trip.  Some tiles would simply refuse to render.  I 
>finally realized that the problem was the segment was too long and the 
>tiles in the middle weren't rendering.  By simply adding nodes I solved 
>the problem.  But, this causes me to ask the question... how long can a 
>segment be?  Around here, highways can go on in a straight line for 
>many, many kilometers.  (One problem stretch was about 50km.)

And that was just to get out of the drive, right?  :-)

Same issue in Australia.  The folks who understand the rendering technology may give a better guideline, but I've been using a max segment of about 4km which I think came out a previous discussion on the issue. May be 2m would be better.  The key issue is that if the nodes of a segment fall completely outside a tile being rendered, even though its going through it, it is as if it were not there.  I'd guess that in your case there is no other data in the tile, therefore it does not get rendered at all.


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