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Andy Robinson Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk
Tue Mar 20 08:50:25 GMT 2007

Styno wrote:
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>Subject: Re: [OSM-talk] MBR trails
>I'm trying to tag tracks with the similar setup (narrow, off-road,
>single-track) but with different soil composition (hard/clay/mud forrest
>floor or loose sand) and had an discussion about it on IRC with Ben who
>also does this kind of tagging.
>Our conclusion was to tag these tracks using:
>highway = cycleway
>tracktype = grade1 to grade5
>Where the tracktype is a proposed feature:
>Though we couldn't think of a better scheme, I do think tagging like
>this is still a compromise because:
>a) according to the tracktype definition the narrowness suggests grade5
>while the hard surface (rocks) suggests grade2.
>b) the tracks are rendered as cycleways (green line in osmarender) which
>  might give ordinary (city) bikers the idea that they can use this track.
>Perhaps we need something really indicating a way as an offroad track
>using tags like: 'offroad_cycleway', 'XC' (cross country), etc.

Is there an "official" grading system for mountain biking, similar to that
for rock climbing for instance. It makes much more sense to adopt and
existing method than to invent something new that is unique to OSM.



Andy Robinson
Andy_J_Robinson at blueyonder.co.uk

>Tracks that are also (officially) used by horses and/or pedestrians
>should be tagged: highway=bridleway/footway, horse=yes, footpath=yes,
>cycling=yes as defined in:
>As a sidenote: isn't the 'official' abbreviation for mountainbiking: MTB
>instead of MBR?
>SteveC wrote:
>> I've been doing similar but everything has been marked as a public
>> footpath or bridleway so I've tagged them as that.
>> Andy Allan wrote:
>>> Has anyone been tagging MBR (mountain biking) trails? I've spent the
>>> last two weekends riding around, and I'm open to suggestions as for
>>> tagging. I'm referring to trails that are built specifically for
>>> mountain bikes and with no other purpose, generally narrow, rocky, and
>>> suicidal if you were walking the other way!
>>> http://flickr.com/photos/lazer/243047452/ - not my photo, but this
>>> kind of thing.
>>> highway=mbr?
>>> Andy
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