[OSM-talk] osmarender4, disspoinment experiance

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Tue Mar 20 09:39:03 GMT 2007


> I just get osmarender4 from SVN and try to do some rendering and it  
> doesnt work.

Osmarender3 relied on files just being in the right place.  
Osmarender4 requires that you give the file names on the command  
line. Which actually works better for me. A simple

./osmarender /tmp/my-osm-file.osm

will create /tmp/my-osm-file.svg for you and that's it. If you need a  
special style sheet ("rules file"), do

./osmarender -r /home/fred/my-rules.file.xml /tmp/my-osm-file.osm

and it will work.

> Mostly it is problem with files which are on wrong position/directory.

There is no right or wrong directory, just place your files anywhere  
and then tell Osmarender where the file is. Always use full path  
names (with directories), and you can't go wrong.

> 80n got from me osmarender3 version which  work with directory file
> system, so it is possible to use it like that but existing
> configuration doesnt work at all. It is neccery to copy files around
> to fix system to render.

I don't understand your problem. It works perfectly for me, without  
copying anything around. Have you checked out the full osmarender4  
directory from SVN, or have you tried to copy some Osmarender4 files  
into your Osmarender3 installation (which probably will not work)?

> Secondly using very powerful Intel server procesor with 4 GB RAM take
> osmarender to render data slower then version 3

Of course it is slower! It supports many more features. If you don't  
need the new features but rather want quick rendering, you can still  
continue using Osmarender3.

> and doasnt work on
> my FireFox (calling unknown XPath function).

Use Inkscape. (Did older versions of Osmarender produce Firefox  
compatible output?)

> Also, way show taging options, when system doesnt use all tags for
> rendering ? ... (also part of one of my sugestion times ago).

You can change the Osmarender rules file to include or exclude  
features as you like. There is no definitive list of tags in  
OpenStreetMap, and so there cannot be a definitive renderer that  
renders everything. What specific tags have you used that were not  


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