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Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Tue Mar 20 15:40:34 GMT 2007

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Mike Collinson wrote:
> At 12:36 AM 17/03/2007, Richard Fairhurst wrote:
>> David Earl wrote:
>>> I agree with you completely in principle, but we're not even close to having
>>> the data structure to support this properly. We need superways or some such
>>> to define junctions, to give us something to attach junction_ref to.
>> Would it be possible to have an extra tag to tie this "orphan"  
>> junction_number node to the real ways?
>> I'm thinking of an extra node tag like  
>> "associated_way=123519;123520;123521", which would imply that this  
>> junction_number node describes a junction drawn as ways 123519,  
>> 123520, and 123521 (maybe the roundabout and two slip roads  
>> respectively). 
> That prompts an idea, how about just connecting a segment from the label node to a representative node of what it is describing and label the segment as a "connector" or some such?

Personally, I'm liking that way of thinking - segments are available, we
should use them.

What about linking the two carriageways of the motorway as close to the
centre of the junction as possible, with a small segment that shouldn't
be rendered. You can then tag this segment with the junction number, or
any other node-ish feature that you don't want to put multiple times for
multiple carriageways.

Robert (Jamie) Munro
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