[OSM-talk] Digital Pioneers grant for Mapping Parties in the Netherlands

80n 80n80n at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 01:08:34 GMT 2007

Digital Pioneers[1] is a Dutch action program that stimulates grass
root internet initiatives.  The OpenStreetMap Foundation recently
helped Vrijschrift[2] and the Dutch OSM community to win a grant for
EUR 12,000 to stimulate the creation of free mapping data in the

The objective is to jump-start the OSM community in the Netherlands
and emulate the success that is currently being achieved in the UK.
The funding will support a variety of activities including promotion,
localisation, puchase of loan GPS units and a whole series of mapping

The specific aims of the funding are to build a robust OSM community
by holding a series of 10 mapping parties over the summer that will
map the three main Dutch cities of Amsterdam, The Haag and Rotterdam.

There's a blog entry [3] that gives a bit more detail and shows what
has already been achieved by last weekend's Amsterdam mapping party,
which was just a warm up.

Expect great things to happen in the Netherlands over the next few months.


[1] http://www.digitalpioneers.org/Program
[2] http://plone.vrijschrift.nl
[3] http://www.opengeodata.org/?p=180

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