[OSM-talk] New script to do CSV -> OSM

Mike Collinson mike at ayeltd.biz
Wed Mar 21 02:27:19 GMT 2007

At 03:19 AM 21/03/2007, 80n wrote:
><node id='26608538' timestamp='2007-03-18 17:29:10' lat='51.4775'
>    <tag k='icao' v='EGLL' />
>    <tag k='is_in' v='London,England,UK' />
>    <tag k='type' v='civil' />
>    <tag k='place' v='airport' />
>    <tag k='aeroway' v='airport' />
>    <tag k='iata' v='LHR' />
>    <tag k='source' v='Gagravarr_Airports' />
>    <tag k='name' v='Heathrow' />
>  </node> 

If I want the name of a regular passenger airport and/or airport icon to appear, what tag do I use?

I've been using aeroway=aerodrome. Map features does not define aeroway=airport nor place=airport.

Personally, I think place=airport is a good idea.  Might be better though to stick with aeroway=aerodrome instead of aeroway=airport as it is both existing and, pedantically, perhaps is better inclusive of things like aero clubs and military establishments?


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