[OSM-talk] OpenStreetMap default Maps for MaemoMapper

Jack Challen jackchallen at gmail.com
Wed Mar 21 07:22:39 GMT 2007

[Yes, I know how to use mailing lists, honest :) ]

On 19/03/07, Andrew Turner <ajturner at highearthorbit.com> wrote:
> MaemoMapper, the mapping application for the Nokia N770/N800 tablets
> just recently started using OpenStreetMap tiles. They've now even
> switched to having OSM tiles as the default map tiles.

I've just started using MaemoMapper on my Nokia in conjunction with an
SIRF III Bluetooth GPS. With the OSM dev tiles downloaded (and up to
date) it's an absolutely fantastic way to see where's been mapped and
where hasn't while you're driving/walking/segwaying about -- plus your
traces are overlayed on the map. Highly

As an aside, has anyone looked into hacking the gpsfetchmap.pl script
that comes with GPSDrive to fetch OSM tiles? If not I might (try to)
start on it.


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