[OSM-talk] JOSM WMS plugin request

Andrew Rowbottom andrew.rowbottom at gmail.com
Fri Mar 23 08:51:47 GMT 2007

Pretty sure this isn't the right list, but here goes anyway.

Can someone update the WMS plugin for JOSM to set a user agent.

The why of it.....

I'm asking because I'm thinking of putting a real WMS server on my
website (I've already got a php script that responds to WMS requests
by assembling a bunch of pre-rendered tiles). Obviously this can be
CPU intensive and my provider limits the CPU usage to a number of
seconds per day. To keep the usage down I'd like to limit access to
just JOSM, but currently if someone were to plug the URL into a slippy
map type interface then I can see my CPU seconds being completely
blown away.

It would be nice if the plugin set a specific user agent, then I could
restrict access just to JOSM users and make the URL public secure in
the knowledge that it wouldn't be used for general browsing.

Sorry for posting this to the general list, but I couldn't see on trac
where to put this.

Andrew Rowbottom

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