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Steve Chilton wrote:
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>Not magical in sense you use for finding something.
>But three things struck me on London Mapping party weekend :
>1 the fabulous architecture still in evidence in places like Lincoln's
>Inn Fields (with private estates behind closed walls - New Sq)
>2 the fascinating little alleyways and yards - off Fleet St in
>particular (eg Cheshire Cheese alley)
>3 the contrast between the wealth in jewelry shops in Hatton Garden and
>the run-down areas right next door to them
>Doing the detailed mapping took me to places in my own city that I might
>never have visited.
>I learnt a lot about the city I have lived in for yonks in those few

I'll second that, We traditionally think we need to head out to the open
countryside to enjoy the air and take in the sights, but cycling around the
urban sprawl has revealed a huge amount that I never new about and I found
loads of places I would like drop by again sometime, and all within a 4 mile
radius of home too.



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>So I've mapped everything in my area apart from this long private
>country lane/track which is a dead end, goes through a golf course and
>has 10mph signs on it.
>Totally by accident I went down it today, expecting to find absolutely
>nothing, but right at the end there are 20 houses, a pub and a large car
>park + stables. And it's in the _middle_ of everything I've mapped... I
>was, uh, surprised :-)
>Has anyone else found any magical places by mapping exhaustively?
>have fun,
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