[OSM-talk] Undeletable objects.

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Sat Mar 24 09:04:47 GMT 2007

Robert Hart wrote:
> I would hazard a guess that the problem is not so much that you can't delete the ways, more that the ways are still being returned as part of a bounding box even though they'be been deleted. From what little I understand about the db schema, they are in the current_ways table, but have a visible=0, or are in current_way as visible, but ways as not visible?
> Could somebody with database access actually have a look at one of these ways and see?
> Rob

I have the same problem here with the ways 733101 and 733103.

Following a proposal by Dutch_DK on IRC, i was able to reduce
them to a single segment, but they are still returned when
i download the area.


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