[OSM-talk] osmarender4, disspoinment experiance

Jochen Topf jochen at remote.org
Mon Mar 26 11:09:42 BST 2007

On Mon, Mar 19, 2007 at 11:55:35PM +0100, Dubravko Penezic wrote:
> I just get osmarender4 from SVN and try to do some rendering and it doesnt work.
> Mostly it is problem with files which are on wrong position/directory.
> 80n got from me osmarender3 version which  work with directory file
> system, so it is possible to use it like that but existing
> configuration doesnt work at all. It is neccery to copy files around
> to fix system to render.

The position of the files is "optimized" for usage from the command line
with some tools there. In Osmarender3 all files were in the same
directory. With Osmarender4 some files have been moved into
subdirectories to keep things tidy.

> Secondly using very powerful Intel server procesor with 4 GB RAM take
> osmarender to render data slower then version 3 , and doasnt work on

Its slower because it does more. And XSLT is rather slow in the first place.

> my FireFox (calling unknown XPath function).

And Firefox is even slower than other XSLT engines. And Firefox 2 can't
even render the SVG maps generated by Osmarender (the SVG implementation
seems to be incomplete) so keeping the ability to use the Firefox XSLT
engine wasn't a priority. Firefox is simply not up to the task at the

The unknown XPath function is an EXSLT function which nearly all XSLT
engines support, but not Firefox. It would probably possible to live
without it, but, again, even if Firefox could create the SVG, it doesn't
display it properly, so we haven't solved anything.

> Also, way show taging options, when system doesnt use all tags for
> rendering ? ... (also part of one of my sugestion times ago).

Sorry, couldn't parse that. Can you explain again, what you want here?

> Please do something, when some new cartographer do some things, it is
> nice to see what is done. But if they must to know more then simply
> step to render data it is at least frustreting experiance.

Don't use Firefox. Use some other XSL engine and Inkscape to compute and
render the maps and everything is going to be fine. That beeing said, if
you have any concrete ideas on how to improve things for Firefox users,
please tell us.

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