[OSM-talk] incomplete ways in JOSM

Christof Dallermassl cdaller.hw at gmx.at
Tue Mar 27 12:24:03 BST 2007


I have a problem splitting a very long way (to add some tunnel parts). 
JOSM keeps telling me that the way is incomplete, and that I should 
download it.

But that's what I did: downloaded the complete track from the start to 
the end, saved the osm file, quit JOSM, loaded the osm file again. 
Still, when I want to split the way, same message from JOSM. I tried to 
reorder the segments (helped with the northbound way), saved and loaded 
a couple of times, nothing helped!

It is the motorway A9 (southbound only) starting at 

Any hints? Is there a segment belonging to the way that I cannot see 
(and that is completely off the track)??


Christof Dallermassl
christof at dallermassl.at

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