[OSM-talk] IMPORTANT!!: YWMS plugin is not allowed.Don't use it.

Kristian Thy thy at 42.dk
Tue Mar 27 18:19:03 BST 2007

On Tue, Mar 27, Francisco R. Santos wrote:
> Scott Regan, from Yahoo, has definitely confirmed us that the YWMS plugin is
> not a right way to have Yahoo satellite imagery in JOSM, because of a clause
> that prevents us to capture and manipulate the images. As the plugin is
> capturing the image, that clause is against its use.

In my opinion, we need a written agreement with Yahoo! before we can
continue using their[1] imagery in any shape or form. The imagery is
equally captured and manipulated in the applet - I honestly can't see
the difference. None of the methods allow the user an easy way to save
the images locally - you can save them from the raw http stream of
course, but you might as well do that with Yahoo!'s own Flash app. We
can't live with this sort of insecurity - in effect, you now need to
remove all edits based on Yahoo! imagery in JOSM, as they cannot be
CC-licensed by OSM.

So, in effect, I'm calling for a moratorium on any use of Yahoo! imagery
until the ToU is finalized and published in writing.

[1] Seeing as it isn't really Yahoo!'s images (the copyright notice have
read (c) iCube or somesuch) it is beyond me how they can even allow us
to derive anything from it. They don't own the copyright!


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