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Thanks, good suggestion. I'll ask if that mechanism is acceptable when talking with them. Again an edge case, as Dirk suggests that taking the image out of the "environment" that's accessing the API may be the crux of the issue.

And just to be clear, our current use in the applet, and potentially in Potlach, are totally acceptable.

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> It really is about using the API directly.

Obviously not, as the JOSM plugin *is* using the API directly.

And as for "working against Yahoo", that's not what I wanted; I'd  
just say let's stop using Yahoo data altogether until they are  
willing and able to provide a clear statement on what we may and may  
not do. "Using the API directly" and "not making copies for future  
use" are insufficient, because the JOSM plugin complies with both  
(much more than the Applet!) and still for some reason is "wrong".

If the problem is really the fact that the JOSM plugin stores a  
temporary file that is immediately used and deleted:

> it is plain that the josm plugin
> operates in a fundamentally different way than the browser cache or  
> video buffer, which are normal in the course
> of usage. However fleeting, the josm plugin explicitly stores the  
> imagery as part of the process of display in josm.

then I propose to redesign the code to use the exact same mechanism  
(have Firefox dump the data into a "file") but let that file be a  
named pipe instead from where the plugin reads the image data. It  
should be possible, with Unix at least. We'd have the same plugin,  
the same mechanism, but no file stored, not even for a split second.


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