[OSM-talk] [OSM-legal-talk] Yahoo and OSM

John McKerrell john at mckerrell.net
Wed Mar 28 14:13:01 BST 2007

I made the suggestion about using a named pipe on IRC but was told  
that firefox is given a directory to put the images in, which the WMS  
then retrieves, so in this case a named pipe is probably not  
possible. It would still be really interesting to know if a solution  
based on pipes could work.

I've just had a quick look at the older Perl/Xvfb method, it used the  
API and appears to save to a named file, so we might be able to use  
this method and a named pipe.


On 28 Mar 2007, at 13:35, Mikel Maron wrote:

> Thanks, good suggestion. I'll ask if that mechanism is acceptable  
> when talking with them. Again an edge case, as Dirk suggests that  
> taking the image out of the "environment" that's accessing the API  
> may be the crux of the issue.
> And just to be clear, our current use in the applet, and  
> potentially in Potlach, are totally acceptable.
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> Hi,
>> It really is about using the API directly.
> Obviously not, as the JOSM plugin *is* using the API directly.
> And as for "working against Yahoo", that's not what I wanted; I'd
> just say let's stop using Yahoo data altogether until they are
> willing and able to provide a clear statement on what we may and may
> not do. "Using the API directly" and "not making copies for future
> use" are insufficient, because the JOSM plugin complies with both
> (much more than the Applet!) and still for some reason is "wrong".
> If the problem is really the fact that the JOSM plugin stores a
> temporary file that is immediately used and deleted:
>> it is plain that the josm plugin
>> operates in a fundamentally different way than the browser cache or
>> video buffer, which are normal in the course
>> of usage. However fleeting, the josm plugin explicitly stores the
>> imagery as part of the process of display in josm.
> then I propose to redesign the code to use the exact same mechanism
> (have Firefox dump the data into a "file") but let that file be a
> named pipe instead from where the plugin reads the image data. It
> should be possible, with Unix at least. We'd have the same plugin,
> the same mechanism, but no file stored, not even for a split second.
> Bye
> Frederik
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