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Mikel Maron mikel_maron at yahoo.com
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I'd argue that a larger amount of energy is spent on excessive arguments, discussions, and bad analogies.

I apologize that Francisco and others expended effort that came to naught. But it was never guaranteed this
method would satisfy Yahoo's conditions. I am speaking with them next week and this issue will be a major
discussion point .. so if there's any particular grey-area mechanism you'd like to query them about, let me
know by adding something to the wiki or email.


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Frederik Ramm wrote:

> Definitely; since it uses a pseudo X11 server, one could always 
> extend the WMS plugin to read image data directly from that X11

Suddenly, all of our creativity is spent on trying to comply with 
Yahoo's license restrictions.  Are these satellite tiles really 
worth all that effort?  Seeing this discussion on the OSM lists is 
like seeing people waiting in line (in a queue) outside a food 
store. Perhaps you enjoy living like some Soviet citizen, but my 
instinct is to walk away.

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