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> Hi Etienne,
> On Thu, Mar 29, 2007 at 03:40:26PM +0100, 80n wrote:
> > On 3/29/07, Abigail Brady <morwen at evilmagic.org> wrote:
> > >without the courtyards shown.  How should these be tagged?
> > >
> > >(and then how do you mark the buildings inside the courtyard, and then
> > >any courtyards inside those buildings, down to Little Cat Z.  we
> >
> > Courtyards within buildings and islands in lakes can be represented by
> > making the segments go in a clockwise direction for the main outline and
> in
> > an anti-clockwise direction for the inner part.  All the segments, both
> for
> > the inner and outer parts need to belong to the same way.
> Have you thought about changing osmarender to use the even-odd fill
> rule, rather than non-zero? That would then mean that people don't
> need to worry about segment direction.
> The only case where it would break stuff is if there are ways that are
> not planar (i.e. the way crosses itself, maybe like a figure of
> eight). I can't see any reason why there would be ways like this, but
> maybe there are situations that I have not thought of.

I did try even-odd.  It didn't work at the time so I opted for the non-zero

Not sure why even-odd didn't work, might have been a problem with the SVG
viewer or something wrong with what I was generating, didn't take any time
to investigate.  In theory it should be just a matter of changing the style
specification in the rules file - there is nothing specific or hard-coded
about it in the core of Osmarender.


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> Matthew
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