[OSM-talk] Yahoo Aerial Imagery vs. OSM Spirit

Robert (Jamie) Munro rjmunro at arjam.net
Thu Mar 29 17:52:21 BST 2007

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Joshua Marinacci wrote:
> I can't contribute anything until after JavaOne, but I can tell you what
> I've learned in my research for the JXMapViewer (www.swinglabs.org
> <http://www.swinglabs.org>).
> First, I didn't really get anywhere talking to Google about using their
> stuff. They are bound by their own contracts to their providers which
> are very restrictive. I imagine Yahoo is the same. Google's core
> restrictions were that you had to use their JS apis and you had to host
> it on a publicly available website. Those may be too restrictive for the
> types of things we want to do.

We may still be able to make an on-line AJAX editor, like the Cambridge
cycling site seems to use: http://www.camcycle.org.uk/map

Presumably if a web site requires free registration, to get full use of
it's features it is still a "public" site?

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