[OSM-talk] Google Aerial Imagery

Thomas Walraet thomas at walraet.com
Thu Mar 29 18:06:58 BST 2007

Robert (Jamie) Munro a écrit :
> Joshua Marinacci wrote:
>> I can't contribute anything until after JavaOne, but I can tell you what
>> I've learned in my research for the JXMapViewer (www.swinglabs.org
>> <http://www.swinglabs.org>).
>> First, I didn't really get anywhere talking to Google about using their
>> stuff. They are bound by their own contracts to their providers which
>> are very restrictive. I imagine Yahoo is the same. Google's core
>> restrictions were that you had to use their JS apis and you had to host
>> it on a publicly available website. Those may be too restrictive for the
>> types of things we want to do.
> We may still be able to make an on-line AJAX editor, like the Cambridge
> cycling site seems to use: http://www.camcycle.org.uk/map
> Presumably if a web site requires free registration, to get full use of
> it's features it is still a "public" site?

Even if you comply to Google restrictions to display their imagery, it's 
probably not allowed to derive geodata from it.

It's explicitly forbidden if you consider that extracting geodata from 
the imagery constitute a derivative work :

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