[OSM-talk] Yahoo Aerial Imagery vs. OSM Spirit

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Thu Mar 29 21:48:56 BST 2007


> I'm sure people want improvements to the applet, and are keen to get 
> potlach working, so why not take advantage of what we have and use them 
> to the full. Dev'ers push on the applet & potlach to make them better. 
> Having a browser embedded editor alone will bring in a much larger user 
> base of people to add/edit data from the avaliable imagery/tracklogs & 
> just updates.

JOSM can already be used as an applet; Imi has provided a testing link a 
few months ago I believe. If Yahoo's permission were to use their data 
in *an* applet (as opposed to "in *the* applet") then we might go that 
route. However, from Mikel's words I take it that the special permission 
granted for the applet is unlikely to be extended.

The next question would then be a rather philosophical question of 
identity: how much of "the applet" needs to stay untouched so that it 
still is "the applet" that has permission to use Yahoo data, and how 
much of JOSM can we fit into that applet ;-)


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