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Martin Spott Martin.Spott at mgras.net
Fri Mar 30 14:27:30 BST 2007

"Robert (Jamie) Munro" wrote:

> P.s. please not that it is not satellite imagery, it is aerial imagery
> (from aircraft) that is the most interesting. So don't say things like
> "lets hire a satellite from QinetiQ", say things like "I've got a friend
> who's got a pilot license - I'll ask him about carrying a camera and a GPS".

You're not the first one to discuss this idea  :-)
"We" are two people holding a PPL and we've been investigating this
idea in order to produce better ground layout for FlightGear. In fact
you need more than just a simple GPS.

Good aerial imagery is taken using markers placed at predefined ground
locations _plus_ a very good GPS _plus_ gyroscopes that allow you to
determine the pitch and bank angle of the aircraft. Additionally you
should have a radar altimeter that allows you not only to determine the
displacement of images against GPS location that occurs due to pitch
and bank but also delivers the required altitude information in order
to correct the deformation that you get by projecting the image onto
the terrain.

You probably could skip the ground markers and the radar altimeter but
then you need some replacement to achieve the required accuracy. Still
it would be fun to arrange such a setup,

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