[OSM-talk] The power of the crowd

Peter Miller peter.miller at itoworld.com
Mon Oct 22 16:36:02 BST 2007

I think it would be very interesting to segment registered users by country
and also by activity. How many register and do nothing. How many do one
change and then no more and how many become active members. If someone would
like to do that it would be great.


The next question would of course be to ask how we can increase the
conversion rate to active members which will probably come down to making
the introduction easier and clearer. Also, do we ever mail-shot members to
remind them of their membership and suggest that they do something (even if
that is only to request no more emails)?


That given; the growth is still very healthy indeed and should translate
into more surveying each week, even if a large majority of users do nothing.














> Is there any way of segmenting these results per country?


> Alilo wrote:

> >

> > So far OSM is groing fast, but please don't forget that 15,000 users

> > include people who are not from UK , and probably the majority will

> > never draw a single way in the UK.

> >

> > Alilo

> >

> > On 10/21/07, *Peter Miller* <peter.miller at itoworld.com

> > <mailto:peter.miller at itoworld.com>> wrote:

> >

> >     I was pondering last week the fact that OSM now has almost exactly

> >     15,000 registered users and that the Ordnance Survey has a total of

> >     1,500 staff. Ok so the OS guys turn up for work every day and are

> >     all focused on the UK and have all the best gear and most of our

> >     registered users don't do a lot, but OSM has ten times the number of

> >     surveyors and many folk at the OS are not surveying anyway! Wow.

> >





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