[OSM-talk] Featured Images

Ralf Zimmermann osm_list at ralfzimmermann.de
Mon Oct 29 20:35:21 GMT 2007

> Do we want to keep doing featured images?  Apparently it's not so important 
> now we have a usable slippy-map, although historically the featured images 
> have also shown:
> * rendering tests and proposed projects (e.g. arabic maps, relief maps)
> * screenshots of websites (nestoria, cycle map, freemap) not available from 
> OSM site
> * screenshots of OSM on mobile devices
> * videos (breathing map, party render)
> * and the occasional photo

I agree that the featured images might not be as important as they were, 
but I would hate to loose them. So I am definitely for keeping them.
I think it is a good way of highlighting various things that happen is OSM.

> If you think it's still a cool idea, then I need some help finding images.   

Understood...  ;-)

Munich, Germany

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