[OSM-talk] Cycleway VS Track

Frederik Ramm frederik at remote.org
Sun Aug 3 21:26:41 BST 2008


> My understanding is that such a way should be tagged as track with a grade.

Many people (at least in Germany) seem to use "track" whenever it's 
large enough to accomodate a 4 wheel vehicle, and "cycleway" only if 
it's really a designated cycleway that cannot be used for anything else.

> Should I tag the ways as tracks and create a relation for every route 
> (maybe 2-5km long) or is there  a better way to handle this ?

I think bicycles are by default assumed allowed on highway=track so if 
the only information you want to convey is that these tracks are used by 
cyclists then no extra tagging/relations required. Use relations only if 
you have a named/signed/well established route.

For issues specific to Germany's system of roads and ways, also check 
out the talk-de list.


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