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Bernhard Zwischenbrugger bz at datenkueche.com
Mon Dec 1 10:02:56 GMT 2008

>> bicycle=no|yes|difficult|unsuitable
>> so you'd get
>> highway=bridleway
>> foot=yes (permitted, no problem)
>> bicycle:racer=unsuitable (permitted but not practical)
>> bicycle:hybrid=difficult (permitted but challenging)
>> bicycle:mtb=yes (permitted, no problem)
In Vienna we have an event called "Friday Night Skating".
Every week about 1000 Inline Skater meet at 10pm and skate on normal roads.
The police blocks all the roads an it is possible to skate on roads that 
are for normal for cars only.

The route is about 15 to 25 km.

To plan an event like this is not easy.
It should be a different route every week.
If it's combined with sightseeing it's optimal.

There are similar events in many cities like Paris, Munich,... sometimes 
with much more skaters.

For beginners the road surface is very important.

It should be possible to plan a Friday Night Skate route with data from OSM.

If we have a tag
people think it's allowed to go by bike or inline skates on this roads - 
but it isn't.

For more info:

Sorry - all in German


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