[OSM-talk] Proposal for a map-bug tracker (Openstreetbugs)

Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Mon Dec 1 23:13:00 GMT 2008

Xav <X at NAINWAK.COM> schrieb:
> Christoph Böhme a écrit :
> > Would it be possible to reuse and extend the client-side code from 
> > osb for a web-based client-side interface?
> If it is a moral question : of course.
> If it is a technical question : 50% of the code has to be rewriten.

Fine, it would at the very least give us something to start with. 

> But when I proposed the use of tags, I thought about the 
> clients-developper :
>   - I want the simplier interface with only lat/lon/date, two bug 
> states, and a text. I do not want a crapy interface with 30 text
> areas and 60 combo-boxes
>   - Someone will desire to add a zoom level for each bug, the email
> of the authors, and three bug states
>   - Someone else will want a reference to the OSM data, the diameter
> of the area that the bug describes, the age of the mother of the
> author, etc.
> The tag=value schema does all this.
> And, as the OSM end-user clients (like Mapnik, T at H, routing
> softwares), there are only small pieces of the data that are rendered
> depending of the choice of the rendered.

As I wrote earlier, I made my mind up about the tagging scheme and I
think it is probably the best solution.

 > I do not think that it would be the best idea to put images in the 
> database besides it is technically possible with a classical
> database ; I do not know about OSM database. An URL to a solid file
> seems to me much more efficient.

True. It only means that there need to be an additional api for
uploading files which works smoothly together with the main api.

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