[OSM-talk] does road width/lanes matter?

ビカス ヤダワ (vikas yadav) mevikas at gmail.com
Tue Dec 2 09:11:05 GMT 2008


One more query I have.
On the roads that I survey, I have always found that my GPX goes away from
what the mapnik rendered.
I assume that mapnik is working on standard conventions of road width.
Here in New Delhi, we have lanes of width ~3m. Motorways have a fix 4 lanes
per direction.
Everything else (primary, secondary, territary and even trunk)  is just 2
lanes for one direction, a total width of 6 metres with some exceptions like
(they don't even paint marked lanes many times).

My question is should I supply lane count and width properties to roads and
will mapnik/tile at home paint respecting those properties?

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