[OSM-talk] How to tag this unknown barrier

Frank Mohr f_mohr at yahoo.de
Tue Dec 2 22:51:38 GMT 2008

Ed Loach wrote:
> Gustav wrote:
>> I would say that a chicane is designed to slow down traffic 
>> (much like a speed bump) and make a road less suitable for 
>> through traffic, without blocking access for any vehicles 
>> that are able to use the road on either side. This barrier 
>> is constructed to in such a way that cars which are able to 
>> use the road, are unable to pass the barrier.
> A good point, so I rechecked the photograph. It isn't clear, but
> cars may be able to drive as far as the barrier on the far side (and
> if so I'd probably tag it as highway=service), but in the foreground
> there is only paving slabs which suggests it is for pedestrians and
> cyclists only (so I'd probably tag it as something like
> highway=cycleway/foot=yes, or whatever the actual case is) - in
> which case the chicane would be to slow down the cyclists which
> would be the only through traffic. A bollard doesn't slow down
> cyclists in the same way (at least if they aim correctly <g>).

I'm not sure about the size on Miriams image, but the barrier on
my image is just passable by pedestrians and bicycles.
The picture was taken here:

and all barriers of that kind i've seen look like they are placed there
to stop pedestrians (and especially kids) to run from a living area
to the next high traffic street


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