[OSM-talk] How to tag this unknown barrier

Ed Loach ed at loach.me.uk
Tue Dec 2 22:24:54 GMT 2008

Gustav wrote:

> I would say that a chicane is designed to slow down traffic 
> (much like a speed bump) and make a road less suitable for 
> through traffic, without blocking access for any vehicles 
> that are able to use the road on either side. This barrier 
> is constructed to in such a way that cars which are able to 
> use the road, are unable to pass the barrier.

A good point, so I rechecked the photograph. It isn't clear, but
cars may be able to drive as far as the barrier on the far side (and
if so I'd probably tag it as highway=service), but in the foreground
there is only paving slabs which suggests it is for pedestrians and
cyclists only (so I'd probably tag it as something like
highway=cycleway/foot=yes, or whatever the actual case is) - in
which case the chicane would be to slow down the cyclists which
would be the only through traffic. A bollard doesn't slow down
cyclists in the same way (at least if they aim correctly <g>).


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