[OSM-talk] Map Features

sylvain letuffe liste at letuffe.org
Wed Dec 3 02:16:30 GMT 2008

> Are you *seriously* suggesting that we put every tag used by "at least a
> few" on the main map features page?

Well, no and yes ;-)
I was only talking about keys that have followed the "approval process" and 
got accepted.

> According to Tagwatch - there are over 4300 keys in use in Europe alone,
> each potentially with multiple values. It's just not practical to display
> every one of them.
But out of those 4300 I guess we have at least :
- a lot of typo errors
- keys defined nowhere
- keys rarely used
- keys deprecated
( that would make a rough 90% I guess )
Those might have to be corrected in the DB or documented in the wiki

> Perhaps Map Features should be for the main core tags only (for newbies
> mainly - the basics of how to get their road/feature displayed). Perhaps we
> should limit it to the things we consider important enough to render on the
> main renderers - and we can have other pages for more specialist tagging -
> e.g. the properties of these ways.

This has been discussed earlier, and I definetly think we have no choice but 
this one.

The question then is "what are core features" 

To my point of view, maybe something like 50% of map features keys should be 
move to "secondary pages", just like sac_scale, trail_visibility for hiking
and piste:* for skiing are.

And other still on map features should be moved to secondary zone
like :

while keeping a "thematic link" 

But I am not the one to decide, so maybe we should start some pages 
about "what are not core features"

sylvain letuffe

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