[OSM-talk] Map Features

Richard Bullock rb357 at cantab.net
Wed Dec 3 00:05:46 GMT 2008

> Since at least a few are using smoothness, I don't see any problem to put 
> it
> on map features, and let people who want, use it.

Are you *seriously* suggesting that we put every tag used by "at least a 
few" on the main map features page?

According to Tagwatch - there are over 4300 keys in use in Europe alone, 
each potentially with multiple values. It's just not practical to display 
every one of them.

Perhaps Map Features should be for the main core tags only (for newbies 
mainly - the basics of how to get their road/feature displayed). Perhaps we 
should limit it to the things we consider important enough to render on the 
main renderers - and we can have other pages for more specialist tagging - 
e.g. the properties of these ways. 

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