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> > Use the excellent OSM Inspector. There is loads you can do to sort out
> > errant geometry for instance.
> I've been looking at this for the past couple of weeks. I'd almost finished
> sorting out all of the UK geometry problems marked outside of the London
> area - however, I leave it for about 3 days, and the number of geometry
> problems have increased again, with new problems being created. Most of
> these are either mistakes or oddities in the way some people go about
> tagging: there are many places with roads that don't connect to any others
> -

> many roads which have several ways layered on-top of each other, mostly
> using the same nodes

There's not necessarily anything wrong with this...

> - I even found one place where one-way roads were
> overlayed on top of each other in different directions.

Perhaps the intention was to show that there a double white lines down the
middle of the road, so no uturns... This would be valid as long as either
there weren't any side roads, any side roads had broken center lines
alongside them to allow crossing or nodes where side roads joined were not
included in the opposite way... It's not amazingly easy to see this in the
editors though, but it would seem valid... A nicer approach in such a
scenario would have both oneway ways offset from each other by the distance
between the center point of the lane/s in each direction... Removing one of
those ways and removing the oneway tag from the remaining way would in this
scenario remove information that someone had put in leaving the remaining
information less accurate... But, without a specific example and local
knowledge I can't say whether this particular instance was a real error or
whether there was additional information being captured here by mapping it
in this way... So... Please be careful when removing things... Sometimes
there will be a valid reason behind things having been done in a certain

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