[OSM-talk] Unification of OpenStreetBugs an Trac

Christoph Böhme christoph at b3e.net
Thu Dec 4 00:10:37 GMT 2008


Donald Allwright <donald_allwright at yahoo.com> schrieb:
> Apart from this, the lifecycle of a bug is essentially the same in
> each case so the same tool could be used, but with a different front
> end.

You are probably right about the lifecycle. When I wrote the proposal
for an improved bugtracker I noticed that the steps to deal with a
map bug might be called differently but are in fact similar to dealing
with normal bugs. I also think that a different user front end is
definitely necessary. I only started using osb once I found the plugin
for josm. I want to mark bugs while entering my data or marking them as
fixed imediately after fixing them. If I fix several small bugs (and
most bugs are just small things) I do not want to go on a separate
website and locate the bugs only to mark them as fixed. I might even
accidentally fix bugs without noticing that they exist if I do not see
them in the editor.

Changing the user interfac of a bug tracker sounds like a logical
solution but what I still haven't found out is what will be left from
the original bugtracker once I changed the user interface. I have the
feeling that there would not be left much more than a database with a
couple of methods to query bug reports, add or update them, and request
notifications on changes. Since osm does not usually have restrictive
read/write access policies there is not even authorization code needed.
All the logic of how to handle bug reports is implemented in the
different front ends. Depending on the application this logic might be
quite different.

So, I do not really see a reason why to build upon an existing bug
tracker and thereby possibly restraining future applications of the map
bug tracker by relying on a certain database format.

At the moment I am trying to figure out if bug reports reports can be
stored directly in the osm database using standard nodes and tags. The
only problem I see with that are comments and attachments on bug
reports which probably need to be managed in an extra data struture. I
think such an approach would be much more flexible and osm like.


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